The world's most widely used
tracking library for augmented reality.

All the tools needed to create innovative AR applications, released under LGPL 3.0.


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Integrating OpenCV with ARToolkit

In this tutorial we are going to preprocess the video in ARToolkit to deal with poor lighting situations using OpenCV's Retina Filter.

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Drawing A Line Between Two Markers With Unity

Learn how to draw a line between two markers with Unity and gain a deeper understanding of the ARTrackedObject script.

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Key Features

  • Transparent, Modular Code Delivered Through Open Source

    Complete access to the computer vision algorithm allows you to modify the source code to fit your specific application. Freely distributed for use under a LGPL v3.0 license.

  • Major Platform Support Enables a Wide Range of Applications

    Compiled SDKs for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X all ready to download and use.

  • Mobile Focus Eases the Development Process

    Includes OpenGL ES2.x support, integration with GPS and compass, and automatic camera calibration utilities.

  • Develop for Smart Glasses and Beyond

    ARToolKit includes stereo and optical see-through support, is integrated with a range of smart glasses, and allows easy calibration for new devices.